About the Consortium

The Vascular Research Consortium of New Zealand (VRCNZ) was set up in 2009 in conjunction with the Vascular Society of New Zealand to invigorate national vascular research collaborations across New Zealand.
Our aim is to enhance the health, well being and care of New Zealanders.
Our Objectives:
  • Facilitate the development of collaborative research projects in vascular disease across NZ
  • Support active clinical and laboratory based research in vascular disease
  • Build a network of clinical groups active in clinical vascular research – including patient recruitment, tissue acquisition and clinical trials
  • Facilitate clinical trials in the management of vascular disease in NZ
  • Establish a centre of NZ genomic research into vascular disease
  • Establish a national Vascular Disease BioBank incorporating a national database for vascular disease, linking demographic and clinical data to the Biobank resource.
  • Capacity build for researchers in vascular disease in NZ
  • Promote international collaborative research into vascular disease

Funding for VRCNZ is provided through The Univeristy of Otago Dunedin School of Medicine Research Development Investment Award

Diagram illustrating the scope of consortium interests